I’m Mücahit TOPAL

Software Developer & Cyber Security Researcher

Hello! I’m Mücahit TOPAL.

I read, I draw, but most importantly, I write, but code :)

I am interested in developing Frontend and Backend applications as well as Desktop applications.

No alcohol, smoking or drug use. There is no obstacle to travel abroad, I like to travel.

Since I have a great interest in computer peripherals and software, I am practicing my profession in this field, even though I have read unrelated departments.

I am also interested in the field of Cyber Security as a hobby and I am developing myself.

Some Capture The Flag Competitions I Have Attended: SiberYildiz'19 - CTF (Finalist) STMCTF'18 - CTF (Finalist) OMUCTF'18 - CTF (Finalist) Hackİstanbul'18 - CTF DKHOS - CTF SiberYildiz'17 - CTF DKHO - CTF

Çanakkale, Türkiye
Mücahit TOPAL

My Services

I offer services suitable for any website or application. I can provide support for problems that you cannot solve.

Web Development
Web Development
Project Development
Project Development
Troubleshooting and Support
Troubleshooting and Support
App Development
App Development

My Skills

I am a quick learner, proficient in many skills required for Web and Application Development.



Software Developer

Sitetescil (2018- Now)

Software Developer

Evren Time (2015-2018)
app development

I have developed a cloud-based automation system that can be used by all companies doing technical service (Water Treatment - Air Conditioning - Combi Boiler - White Goods etc.).

I have benefited from PHP, MySQL, Jquery, Bootstrap technologies during the software development phase.

I developed a CRM automation that works fully integrated with Sms and E-mail for the system, which has modules such as Current, Sales, Payment, Periodic Maintenance Tracking, Pre-Accounting, Stock Operations, Cash Transactions, Reporting.

Client Testimonials

In addition to his expertise in software, he is a successful person in team management, project management and service management for many years. It is enough to explain only what is imagined, as it has a great command of the nature of the work. It can put your dreams into code very quickly. One of the rarest software experts that we will need the support of many professional years. Congratulations on your continued success.
We had many problems with our project because we did not have much knowledge about software, Mr. Mücahit supported us in a very patient and understanding way. He also did his best to respond quickly when we had any issues and to fix any bugs. I would definitely recommend!
Mücahit played a great role in carrying our project to success. His great technical skills, on-time deliveries and understanding of customer needs made us feel very happy working with him. We were happy to work with him and we will prefer him in our future projects. We thank him for his work.
Our programmer did a truly incredible job! It was really great working with him. He guided us through every step of the project from the beginning to the end and always kept in touch. He was always available to answer our questions and provided constant updates until the end of the project. He is a highly skilled, professional and attentive software developer.

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